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<p>hello. this is luke's site.</p>

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<p>i hope youre enjoying it.</p>

<iframe style="border: 0; width: 400px; height: 120px;" src="http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=359458394/size=large/bgcol=ffffff/linkcol=0687f5/tracklist=false/artwork=small/transparent=true/" seamless><a href="http://lukerathborne.bandcamp.com/album/soft-2">SOFT by Rathborne</a></iframe>

<p>i am a magician from new york city. the land of dreams. I appeared here years ago, from a distant shore. that's when i began making instruments out of lamb's wool.</p>

<p>many people from around the land came to see me make my instruments. it was so fun. </p>

<p>people got used to seeing me around town. i had all the wishes a boy could need.</p>

<p>then the air started getting cold, and the people left.</p>

<p>i started this website to try to find them. r u here?</p>

<p><a href="mailto:blueprettywater@gmail.com">email me</a> your thoughts.. and keep dreaming!</p>


<p><strong>HERE IS WHERE I'LL BE:</strong></p>

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<p><a href=“mailto:Jake.Bernstein@unitedtalent.com”>book me</a> ---- <a href="http://www.igetsoft.com">listen to tunes/buy things</a><a href="igetsoft.com"></a></p>

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